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Our Story

We are a husband/wife team that just can't sit still. We love to work and farming seemed to be a perfect fit. We both know farming is very hard work and we are up for the challenge.


YES....our friends and family DO think we are crazy!! But every one of them wish us the every best on our new journey.


As we continue to improve our farming skills, we hope to achieve the following:


  •  Produce organically grown hardneck variety garlic

  •  Build trust within the community

  •  Provide our customers a "locally grown" option for garlic 

  •  Teach people the health benefits of garlic in their diet

  •  Build an enormous library of great garlic recipes on this website

  •  Delightfully offend everyone we meet with our garlic breath

  •  Keep vampires away

We hope to meet everyone and also hope to meet their expectations on quality fresh organic garlic.

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Help From Family & Friends

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