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Eat Seasonal: May= Spring Garlic from Garlic Breath Farm

If you've ever looked at a green onion and can this be better? Then you're in luck because #SpringGarlic is the ingredient you didn't know you were looking for.

Organic high allicin Spring Garlic from Garlic Breath Farm
Organic Spring Garlic from Garlic Breath Farm

Welcome to our first blog post! Spring Garlic is the very first #garlic crop of the season, and the very best way to embrace #Spring. Don't tell Mother Nature, but she's been acting pretty Fall-ish lately, and we are darned tired of it. Get to Summer already, but don't skip our friend Spring! Anyway, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and so is the vast array of our upcoming market season. Check out the events tab on our website HERE to see where we will be at. Speaking of Mother's Day, there are a number of moms all over the U.S. who are receiving #GarlicScentedCandles this year for Mother's day. How cool is that?! Order yours HERE.

Ok, ready to talk Spring Garlic? Wait, wait, wait...

Do you have a product idea for Garlic Breath Farm? If so, please tell us about it! We are currently developing Kevin-Bacon Pferschy (our pet pig) tank tops for summer.

Speaking of #KevinBaconPferschy , that pig has been running his snout a lot lately. While we did assign him as Head Content Creator for #GarlicBreathFarm , we did not anticipate he would use it as his personal platform to profess his undying love for Taylor Swift (the singer) via #hashtags at the end of his posts. But what are we gonna do? Good help is hard to find, and considering he trades his services for apples and carrots, the price is right. Keep an eye out in the Beacon News Newspaper (Kane County, IL) for an upcoming article on our beloved #EmployeeoftheMonth, Kevin Bacon. You can find Kevin on Facebook at @Kevin-Bacon Pferschy and now on Instagram at @kevinbaconpferschy.

Ok, Back to Spring Garlic finally...

So what does one 'do' with Spring Garlic? So glad you asked!

Spring Garlic can be consumed from tip to tail, with only the roots being discarded. Chop it up, just as you would with a green onion, to add an excellent garlic twist to a #StirFry, a fresh #salad, or even brushed with olive oil and laid upon the #grill. The garlic flavored leaves are totally edible, and it would be wise to eat them first if you use the leaves for a salad and then the base for garlic in a dish.

>If you want to reserve your own #OrganicSpringGarlic now, order HERE.

>If you want to order our #SpringGarlicHotSauce collaboration through #gindos, click HERE.

>If you want to TASTE your way through each of the Garlic Seasons, check out #TheWholeShaBang. This little number provides 4 months of garlic goodness:

May- Spring Garlic

June- Garlic Scapes

July- Fresh Garlic

August- Cured Garlic

Click HERE to purchase The Whole Sha'Bang! Local pickup only for this one!

Click HERE to purchase The Whole Sha'Bang! Local pickup only for this one!

PS- Kevin says HI and that he can't wait for Summer so he can HOG THE POOL.....#pigjokes

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