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We took our certified organic peppers and turned them into a symphony of delicious pepper jams. There is one for every occasion in your life, whether you are adding it on top of softened cream cheese for an appetizer with crackers, glazing your roasted chicken/salmon/tofu, or even topping the best PB&J sandwich your will ever have in your life with it!


** Availability of specific jams, season to season, depends on what organic pepper seeds are available to us, for growing.



  • Cayenne Pepper Jam (no heat, all flavor), 4oz, spice level 0
  • Scotch Bonnet Jam, 4oz, spice level 1
  • Hot Scotch Jam, 4oz, spice level 2
  • Cayenne Pepper Jam Hot, 4oz, spice level 3
  • Thai Chili Jam Hot, 4oz, spice level 3
  • Santa Puke ('very tasty' with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove), 4oz, spice level 3
  • Jalapeño Jam Mild, 4oz, spice level 1
  • Jalapeo Jam Hot, 4oz, spice level 6
  • Ghost of Summer Jam Hot (White Ghost Pepper with Pineapple and Coconut), 4oz, spice level 7


Pepper Jam

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